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Monday, December 29, 2008


Wow so I was just noticing that I havent posted anything in over two weeks....that is incredible! Sorry to the few people who follow this blog to see how we are:) We are great! God is even greater:) we have been super busy with the holidays, church activities and enjoying time with our family. I will try to post some pics soon. we are still waiting on the baby:)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More pictures

We went Saturday passing out tracts in Alcala, some people were very nice and receptive. There were about 8 people from the church who came! Please pray that the Lord will work in the hearts of the people who recieved the tracts containing the gospel.

Alberto and I pausing for a minute to take a picture.

Alcala is a beautiful city full of lots of history...Alberto and I are in this one too, just minis!

This is from Sunday, we had three young men visit the church for both services, one of the young men played a special on the trumpet accompanied by Alberto in the evening service. They are all saved and it was such a blessing that they joined us. Please pray they will continue to attend, also one of the young men is married, please pray we will be able to reach his wife.
More or less that is briefly what we have been doing aside from getting things ready for Sergio, the Christmas program at church, our family arriving soon, and trying to stay caught up on our rest:)

Pictures from these Busy Days

These are pictures from the Saturday we spent decorating the church!!! It was a time of fun and fellowship for the ladies, and also work:) There were 7 or 8 ladies who participated and I only ended up with a couple of pics, either way you can get an idea. We will be having a ladies meeting this Saturday the 13th, please pray that the Lord will bless.

Hanging Greenery

From left to right: Me, Hermana Isabel, and Sarai

Hermana Rosa - who was elected to climb the ladder:)

What have we been up to???

Well it has been a while since I posted anything, so I will try to briefly fill everyone in on what we have been doing... I went to the Dr. a little over a week ago, they said everything was fine, and that Sergio is BIG! His size corresponds to that of a 38 1/2 week baby instead of a 37 wk. baby...this either means the calculated due date is a little off (yyuuhhuu) or that the date is fine and I am one of those lucky people who just have bigger babies...time will tell. We are still hoping if it is God's will that he will be born a little early, so our family from the States can enjoy the little guy....hopefully they will remember we exist too :) hahaha. We also have been staying very busy working in the church, the month of Dec. people tend to be a little more open, friendly and willing to come. I will post some pictures separately...


Here is the lonely picture we took of Cortylandia...I am sure it is super cool for kids, I was mostly cold:) But it was fun...huge crowds of people!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Lights in Madrid

Last weekend we went to see the Chrsitmas lights in Madrid! It was so pretty! And we had a great time and walked alot! Even though it was cold. :) There are tons of Christmas lights up everywhere. We also went to Cortylandia which is basically a story of animated creatures, I will have to upload those pics later.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Still Growing

A short update on Sergio and I...yes we are still growing:) I went today and had another ultrasound. They said everything was looking well...and supposedly he is big, about a week bigger than normal fot my supposed due date...maybe he will come early after all!!!! I go again tomorrow for routine labwork, but Praise the Lord all seems to be going well. Thank you for your prayers.