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Friday, February 27, 2009

Now lets see how this works, if I write a post will it show up???

lets see how this works...

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I changed my blogger layout and somehow, my post disappeared.... How does that happen??? oh well... enjoy the pics, and later I will post again about what a blessing the study of James we are doing has been......AAAWWW STINK!


Alberto has been preaching a study on James on Wednesday nights here, and it has been such a blessing I thought I should share. James has such practical applications for the Christian life.
How to handle trials, controlling our tongues....(hard especially for most women), handling temptation...I could go on and on... When we were in the States Alberto taught the singles Sunday School class on James. It is just one of my favorite books in the Bible! I have had a hard time catching the services as Sergio always has to eat at about 8 and the service starts at 7:30, but what I get to hear is so encouraging...and well just practical. Most importantly the other day we talked about being doers of the Word and not hearers only...how often does God speak to us in a service or Bible reading, our emotions are moved, but when we leave the church or close our Bibles we easily forget! We also had the blessing last Sunday of celebrating one of the ladies in the church' birthday, she just turned 86!!! Her and her daughter, both sweet older ladies...come faithfully to the services, even when their elevator is broken and they have to walk down three flights of stair...very hard. If only everyone were that faithful. For family new we are doing well, staying busy obviously... Sergio has gained 1 kilo this month (2.2 lb, for the Americans:), he is still having problems with the reflux, but remains a happy sweet baby in spite of such frequent vomiting. He also had a hearing test which was comical in a very non-funny way...he had to be perfectly still and not make any noises at all...would have been simple , if he had been asleep:) either way after about 45 min. we got both ears done and he passed the hearing test! Alberto and I are enjoying being in a house by ourselves, after so many months of living with other people...the first couple of days we were looking around for more people to talk to...hahaha! not much else going on!

Friday, February 20, 2009

how's life?

We are doing well.... loving life as new...ish parents, trying to find time for everything! God has blessed us with a beautiful healthy boy, actually he is having some trouble with reflux for those who wouldn't mind praying for him. God is blessing in the church in Alcala, the pastor is in the States on deputation and we are helping carry some of the responsibility.Staying very involved and active in the church as well astrying to get some new things going... We are going to be starting a children's Bible club on Sat. March 14th! I'll try to keep up posting a little bit better:)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


we have not disappeared:) sorry about the lack of posts on this almost abandoned blog... here are a couple pics of the precious gift from God that is currently consuming most of our time, and we couldnt be happier !!! Sergio is so sweet and special:)