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Monday, November 9, 2009

Wow it has been a long time

I wonder if anyone will even see this as I havent posted anything in months!!!!

Just a couple fall picture of our now 10 month old Sergio!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Madrid Zoo

This Thursday we went to the zoo with some of Alberto's family. It was a beautiful day!

Here is Sergio with his handsome Daddy!

Sergio loved the fish in the aquarium, he just stared and stared at them:)

Alberto's cousins with this HHHUUUGGGEEE!!! shark, ever so slightly intimidating!

Our Little Sergio

Here are a couple pictures of our growing little boy! Happy as can be!

Ready for church!

SSSSOOOO tired!!!

Mommy and me

Children's Bible Club!!! ...needing ideas

It has been a while since I posted anything so I am trying t catch up. These are pictures from our last childrens club. We had 10 kids, 3 were visitors. and we had a GREAT time!!! Alberto teaching the Bible story, on Naman and the little servant girl. "Let no man despise thy youth"

We played water games outside...it was hilarious!!! so far we have been very creative with the games and I think this is probably the kids favorite part! Here we are playing a game where they had to pick ice out of the pool with their feet and put the cubes in the bucket...BBBRRR how very refreshing :)

Our other water game, here they had to scoop water out of the bucket with the cup in their mouth carry it down to a jar and dump as much as they can in it, the whole time without touching the cup with their hands.

A classic...water balloon toss. We have another activity in about two weeks, and I am looking for suggestions on some fun games...PLEASE help me out:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our baby is a little boy

Obviously Sergio is a boy ;) It is such a priviledge to be a parent to watch your child grow and discover new things, what a blessing!!! Not to mention it is just tons of fun, but also lots of responsibility...anyway... Here are some pictures of the little guy, who is growing and changing to be less of a baby baby, and more a funny little boy:)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Could It REALLY be this easy?

Wow I havent posted anything in a while, what can I say we have been super busy...with my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and 9 other people from the Spanish congregation of our home church things have been crazy! We have been in Granada, here in Madrid, and once they left we went up to Irun for several days to bro. Bonikowsky's church. WHEW!!!! I am tired still just thinking about it:) so after being up and down and here and there and everywhere...I decided to move Sergio to a room by himself...I am praising the Lord and holding my breath trying to decide if it is possible that this is going to be sssooo easy...it is night three with Sergio's crib in the room next door, and we havent had any problem!!!! He has not made a single little peep, no whining or crying, nothing!!! What a blessing;and a sweet little boy that we have. I will try to post some pics etc. soon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My 1st Mother's Day

I am trying to catch up on my posting today....Here in Spain Mother's Day is the1st Sunday of the month, (Happy Mother's Day late to Pilar, Daniella, Curilla, an anyone else here in Spain who reads my blog:) We had a special time during the Sunday morning service to honor the mothers...and there we are!

All the ladies were given 2 tulips, and a printout about being godly ladies and mothers written by pastor Alejandro Sanchez. Also a frame with prov. 31 was given to the oldest mother, the youngest (me...yyyuuuujjuuu!), and the mother with the most chilrdren.
It was a very special blessed time!
Here is my baby in his vest and tie on Mother's Day!!! And Mon. we went out to eat, you wont understand this unless you actually miss itlike I do, but I requested Taco Bell...the first one in Europe was opened the first part of this yr here in Spain, but we are 45 min. away, Yum!

Church Barbacue

We had a bbq last weekend with everyone from the church, well not everyone one family couldnt come of course since it was a family of like 10 their absence was seriously noted:) We all had agreat time. Two of the young men that came are not saved one, please pray for God to work in their hearts!

Some pictures of our Prince;)

Here are the pictures I took the other day, right after Sergio turned four months old! Time goes by so quickly, huh? I am no photographer, imagine what a true professional could do taking pictures of our lil monster;)

YUM! lamb chops!!! Delicioso:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I had a special very rare oppurtunity....the other day I set out to take some pictures of our little four month old cutie. Now I am not a photographer, (Arancha we need you here;) but well you know why pay money for a studio when you can at least try yourself, (I got some cute ones by the way I will try to post them soon:) I was trying to get a picture along the lines of this one right here, Sergio on his tummy looking up at the camera....but instead I ended up with pictures of our baby rolling over for the first time!!!!

Pushing, pushing, pushing........

Push just a little harder......

And ....tada!!! He didnt make it all the way flat to his back because the back of the couch got in the way:) Now the fun thing is I can not really leave him just sitting on the bed anymore, oh well!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lord, help us to be a blessing...

How many of you have ever participated in a nursing home ministry??? I remember going with my parents when I was younger ...and I must admit hating it. As a child I was frightened by all the elderly people wanting to touch and hug me; Praise the Lord I see it differently now. The people in the nursing home are often so lonely and at their age living there they rarely see children, but oh how they love them! We went a wk or so ago with several couples from the church to visit a lady who used to come to church when she was able, now she lives in the nursing home. She does not remember much nor can she move around or do much for herself, and she talks very little. However it was so sweet to see the way her eyes lit up at the site of our little Sergio. Of course she was not the only person either, all the sweet elderly people could not stop talking about how cute and sweet he is. I was going to hand Sergio to one of the ladies from the church who went with us and was sitting right beside the elderly lady we were there to visit, as I passed the baby in front of her, she instinctively reached her arms out. If by something so small we can be a blessing, should we not? Not everyone there has the mental capacity to understand the gospel, but what about the ones who do? Hopefully over the years we can explain to Sergio how much these people enjoy children and hopefully he will be able to be a blessing to them:)

Iglesia Bautista El Faro

God is so good. We have really been seeing the Lord working here in the church. Although economically the members are struggling, spiritaully the Lord is stirring hearts. The last Sunday of every month we stay after church to enjoy dinner and fellowship. This past Sunday we had 8 people come who were either visiting for the first time or had not attended the church for many months. Praise the Lord. We also had some delicious food:)

Last week and this week the men have been working on giving the church a fresh coat of paint...it was severely needed. The people have such servants hearts. Several days they have put in 10-12 hrs of work. The walls were very cracked etc so it has been tedious.
Alex (with the hat) - a professional painter and our "project director" and Luis a youg Peruvian who missed his driving school classes to help paint (even though he had paid for them)

Of course they did have to eat too:)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mr. Smiley

Here are some recent pictures of our almost four month old adorable son! He is such a hilarious little blessing. His new thing is blowing spit bubbles, and sometimes when I sing to him he "sings" back! God is so good to us:)