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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I had a special very rare oppurtunity....the other day I set out to take some pictures of our little four month old cutie. Now I am not a photographer, (Arancha we need you here;) but well you know why pay money for a studio when you can at least try yourself, (I got some cute ones by the way I will try to post them soon:) I was trying to get a picture along the lines of this one right here, Sergio on his tummy looking up at the camera....but instead I ended up with pictures of our baby rolling over for the first time!!!!

Pushing, pushing, pushing........

Push just a little harder......

And ....tada!!! He didnt make it all the way flat to his back because the back of the couch got in the way:) Now the fun thing is I can not really leave him just sitting on the bed anymore, oh well!


Pilar Stark said...

Wow, perfect timing for the camera :)!!!! In the last one you can tell by his face that he is proud of himself heheheh ;)

Ingi said...

How fun! He is quite photogenic! Cute as always!

Currilla said...

Tienes motivos, para dar muchas
gracias a Dios.
Tu hijo es…..Una dulzura de niño
¡¡Que bendición!!
Os mando un besico muy grandote.
Que el Señor os bendiga, más y más

Dani Joy said...

That´s so great yo caught it on camera! That rarely happens. He is going to be active that´s for sure! Look out Mommy and Daddy! Now it begins! jeje

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

awwww, I wish I could take hundreds of pictures of that cutie!!!!