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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My 1st Mother's Day

I am trying to catch up on my posting today....Here in Spain Mother's Day is the1st Sunday of the month, (Happy Mother's Day late to Pilar, Daniella, Curilla, an anyone else here in Spain who reads my blog:) We had a special time during the Sunday morning service to honor the mothers...and there we are!

All the ladies were given 2 tulips, and a printout about being godly ladies and mothers written by pastor Alejandro Sanchez. Also a frame with prov. 31 was given to the oldest mother, the youngest (me...yyyuuuujjuuu!), and the mother with the most chilrdren.
It was a very special blessed time!
Here is my baby in his vest and tie on Mother's Day!!! And Mon. we went out to eat, you wont understand this unless you actually miss itlike I do, but I requested Taco Bell...the first one in Europe was opened the first part of this yr here in Spain, but we are 45 min. away, Yum!

Church Barbacue

We had a bbq last weekend with everyone from the church, well not everyone one family couldnt come of course since it was a family of like 10 their absence was seriously noted:) We all had agreat time. Two of the young men that came are not saved one, please pray for God to work in their hearts!

Some pictures of our Prince;)

Here are the pictures I took the other day, right after Sergio turned four months old! Time goes by so quickly, huh? I am no photographer, imagine what a true professional could do taking pictures of our lil monster;)

YUM! lamb chops!!! Delicioso:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I had a special very rare oppurtunity....the other day I set out to take some pictures of our little four month old cutie. Now I am not a photographer, (Arancha we need you here;) but well you know why pay money for a studio when you can at least try yourself, (I got some cute ones by the way I will try to post them soon:) I was trying to get a picture along the lines of this one right here, Sergio on his tummy looking up at the camera....but instead I ended up with pictures of our baby rolling over for the first time!!!!

Pushing, pushing, pushing........

Push just a little harder......

And ....tada!!! He didnt make it all the way flat to his back because the back of the couch got in the way:) Now the fun thing is I can not really leave him just sitting on the bed anymore, oh well!