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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dr. Visit

Well I went today to the dr. Actually we went yesterday too, because somehow we got confused and thought that Monday was the 23rd. (obviously we were wrong:) So we went today when my appointment REALLY was. They said everything was fine. measured the uterus and all that. Listened to the baby's heartbeat, everything is going well. I have to go tomorrow morning early for a glucose test and some other labs. We are praying that those tests will go just fine. After we spend the morning having a blast at the doctors, we are heading up to Madrid for a couple of days. Our plans are to be there until Saturday. Hopefully we may be able to be a blessing as we attend church there, and also maybe go to a Real Madrid practice or something cool:)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Well the vote is over, thank you for everyone who voted, we really appreciate your opinion. Sergio won, with David only a few votes behind, so we will be strongly considering those names. We will try to make a final decision soon. Prov. 22:1 says "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches" Any opinions on the name Alejandro??? :) Well, hurray there has been much work going on at the church. Since the painting was done, we went today to do some cleaning and put up the paneling in the auditorium. I actually got to help, since no strong smells or chemicals were involved. The paneling is done and Alberto and Matt will just go in and touch up some of the paint around the paneling. We still have alot of cleaning to get done and are looking for chairs/pews and a pulpit. So work will continue. I go on Monday to the Dr. I am pretty positive that they will order me a glucose test, which sounds like fun:) Continue to keep us in your prayers please:)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

God knows best

Well Alberto had his job interview yesterday. It was basically a "trial" of the job, and then a second interview at the end of the day. In the first interview they told him it was an advertising job and what they would be wanting him to do is supervise about 8 people who would all be working together on the advertising for one company. Sadly, this was not the case at all, on the second day there were about 15 people there. What they actually do is go door-to-door, and sell internet; not at all the impression they had given at the first interview. The job was based on comissions only, and during your first four weeks, it is considered training, so you do not make any money at all. There were other things that just did not add up at all with what they had wanted him to believe the first day, the company seemed to be doing their hiring ina very decietful way. Alberto politely told the lady around noon, that he was going to be leaving the job was not what he was needing. So here we are still job searching. I think this interview was a little more disappointing because the hours seemed better, and the first interview left us with hope in the possibility of a promising job. We are still praying and trusting that God will provide a good job that allows Alberto to focus primarily on the ministry. Matthew 6:33 has become a precious verse to us in the past weeks, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." We have been spending time together in prayer and in counting our blessings, God has done so much for us in bringing us here and providing for us and we know He will continue to care for our needs. Also Praise the Lord, Alberto and Matt have been spending many hours at the church painting, I believe the plan is that all the painting will be finished today:) I can hardly wait to go see all their hard work, Pilar has also been able to help with some of the painting, but of course I can not. Next will be replacing the ceiling tiles, and many more things, but as work progresses I know we are all getting more excited for our first service there in the building. Remember you have one day left to vote for a boy name, although we arent necessarily any closer to actually deciding on one. We have figured out that I like names that are more unique where as Alberto would not mind at all for our son to be the "8th Manuel" in his class:) Good thing we have time still.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Busy days

Wow it is going to be a busy week:) There have been alot of things going on. Work has been going on at the church, patching holes, painting, etc. Alberto had a job interview today, which went well, he goes tomorrow for like a trial of the job and then a second interview. We are praying for wisdom about whether or not this is the job God would have for him! Kayla and Nicole have also started school, I remember those days, seems like it was yesterday but it was actually so long ago:) We are doing well here, this little boy sure moves around alot, must be a little futbol player:) jaja we are still trying to figure out a name, good thing we still have some time!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby Things

HHHuuurrrayyy things for the baby! We went shopping now that we know we are having a boy!
Thank you Matt, Pilar, and girls:)

These are the adorable things we bought in Zara:) The shoes are seriously the size of the palm of my hand!!!


A .... Never mind I am not going to post what we are having, even though we went today and we know:)...jajaja just kidding, it's a boy! We are having a baby boy! yuhu!!! I was hoping for a girl, but we are still super excited to be having a boy. Alberto was hoping for a boy, so there you go. Now we have to start looking for names...something spanish since his last name will be Puente, but something that will not be horribly mispronounced in English. Poor boy, I have been calling him Leti all along :) PLEASE vote for a name on the survey or make your own suggestion! We are stuck!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thank You Everyone

Well I am officially 23! (Am I getting old????) Thank you so much, to everyone who called, left comments on the blog, sent emails, e-cards, and wished me a Happy Birthday! I did have a wonderful birthday, I recieved a curling iron (yes, I have used it:), a shirt, a necklace, earrings, bracelet, and money! We also had strawberry cake which was delicious, lets see if I go in a minute and eat one of the pieces that was left over! YUM! I did want party hats, but well I guess after a certain age, you arent supposed to do those things, unless its for your kids; so in a little bit when we have our baby, I will have a reason to occasionally act like a child:) Either way it was a good day, my sweet husband took me to lunch at a very nice Italian restaurant, and boy was our food delicious!!!! Also later that evening my love took me to get some candy:) which we shared (aaawww)! For those of you who remember my love for playing in the rain it actually did rain here on my birthday (the first big rain in our time here.) but the temp dropped and it was windy and chilly; needless to say I did not get to play in the rain, especially because I am now a responsible adult. But I did think about how much I would have enjoyed it had it not been cold, another thing that I will have to wait to do with my child:) Also on my birthday I got to get up early and go to Brico Depot (Home depot- Spanish style) what more could a girl want? The great news is Alberto and Matt have been able to begin work on the building for the church, what an answer to prayer! Of course as always, little problems come up, but we are truly praising God for what He has given us and the doors He has opened. Tommorrow, we go to the Doctor, please pray all goes well and we can find out if it is a boy or girl!!!!!:) Thank you again for everyone who helped make my birthday special!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Almost Birthday to me!!!

My first birthday present...sorta. Today my wonderful husband bought me a curling iron, it is pretty cool, has a couple of attachments:) I have been complaining about my ugly hair for a couple days now, talking about cutting it all off even though I am supposedly letting it grow out. Well finally it occurred to me that I might like my hair better if I was actually doing something with it. How nice can I expect it too look if i never blowdry it or just throw it in a pony tail? So instead of chopping and later regretting it I am now committed to doing my hair (assuming it doesnt get super hot again:). But it technically wasnt my first birthday present because my Brother-in-law and sister-in-law Fran and Rebekah, gave us both money for our birthdays last week! I would go shopping, but...I dunno just not overly into buying clothes with my changing shape:) Friday... is the big day and we are excited!!!! I probably wont sleep thursday night; we will both be so happy either way if we are having a boy or a girl, but we can hardly wait just to know. (Then we will start working on names)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

War Eagle!!!

Hurray! We got to watch the Auburn game! I know I am SO American right?:) I forgot how much I enjoy football season. I have to admit that (of course) other than family members and friends-who we miss ALOT. This was my first experience missing "something" from the states (other than larger cans of tuna jeje:). I truly enjoy watching college football, (and NFL.) But I got to thinking of how at work every Friday practically all the gals who cared at least a little bit would wear our college team T-shirts, and give each other a hard time about who would win or lose over the weekend (most of us were smart enought to be Auburn fans though) Either way I really enjoyed a little bit of football:) Also another bright spot to my day...It is not HOT here, for right now it has cooled of very nicely and I am loving it. think that was another reason fall has always been my favorite season in the States, because after the hot summer -especially in Alabama-it is always so nice when the weather first starts cooling off, and it is so perfect you could literally be outside all day! Also Alberto and Matt went this morning and we officially have keys to the church! YUHU time to get busy! God is so good, even the little things He chooses to bless us with!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dr. Appointment

Well I went to the Doctor yesterday, to get the results of my labwork. After waiting and a funny story regarding confusion over my name...they called me back as Sshley Rene Puente, and found my paperwork under Ashley Smipley:) Alberto continues to try to convince me to change my name to something spanish :)! Anyway the point is Praise the Lord all the bloodwork and urine tests were perfectly fine :) So it was a blessing. Next Friday...ultrasound! The baby has been moving alot which is awesome. Keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday To the Most Wonderful Man EVER

Hurray! Alberto is officially 22yrs old!!!! (We are temporarily the same age.) Today we celebrated by...going to buy Alberto's icecream cake...which was delicious! And we went and exchanged a present. The other day I bought him a pair of indoor soccer shoes, and a knee brace. The shoes were wonderful , but the knee brace was too small, so we had to get him a bigger one. He is hoping to be able to play soccer up in the park, where there are always a ton of young people, this will be a great oppurtunity and open door to get to know some of the young men. Please pray that everything goes well with his knee, he has not truly played soccer since his injury. Anyway back to the birthday festivities... Matt, Pilar and the girls got Alberto some wonderful smelling cologne from Zara. We took a wonderful walk for about an hour and then the birthday boy won a game of Monopoly:). I would post some pictures, etc. but I had the video camera and although I thought I taped us singing Happy Birthday and the blowing out of the candles I actually started taping after all that when I thought I was stopping it, oops! So I missed mostly everything, except the devouring of the cake:) I am very blessed to have a wonderful husband and pray that God blesses him with many more Birthdays!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Tommorrow is my husband's 22nd birthday!!!! yyyuuuhhhuu. Gotta go look for a cake. :)