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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday To the Most Wonderful Man EVER

Hurray! Alberto is officially 22yrs old!!!! (We are temporarily the same age.) Today we celebrated by...going to buy Alberto's icecream cake...which was delicious! And we went and exchanged a present. The other day I bought him a pair of indoor soccer shoes, and a knee brace. The shoes were wonderful , but the knee brace was too small, so we had to get him a bigger one. He is hoping to be able to play soccer up in the park, where there are always a ton of young people, this will be a great oppurtunity and open door to get to know some of the young men. Please pray that everything goes well with his knee, he has not truly played soccer since his injury. Anyway back to the birthday festivities... Matt, Pilar and the girls got Alberto some wonderful smelling cologne from Zara. We took a wonderful walk for about an hour and then the birthday boy won a game of Monopoly:). I would post some pictures, etc. but I had the video camera and although I thought I taped us singing Happy Birthday and the blowing out of the candles I actually started taping after all that when I thought I was stopping it, oops! So I missed mostly everything, except the devouring of the cake:) I am very blessed to have a wonderful husband and pray that God blesses him with many more Birthdays!


Pilar Stark said...

we will make sure to download the photos i took to your computer so you can have them asap :)