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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

God knows best

Well Alberto had his job interview yesterday. It was basically a "trial" of the job, and then a second interview at the end of the day. In the first interview they told him it was an advertising job and what they would be wanting him to do is supervise about 8 people who would all be working together on the advertising for one company. Sadly, this was not the case at all, on the second day there were about 15 people there. What they actually do is go door-to-door, and sell internet; not at all the impression they had given at the first interview. The job was based on comissions only, and during your first four weeks, it is considered training, so you do not make any money at all. There were other things that just did not add up at all with what they had wanted him to believe the first day, the company seemed to be doing their hiring ina very decietful way. Alberto politely told the lady around noon, that he was going to be leaving the job was not what he was needing. So here we are still job searching. I think this interview was a little more disappointing because the hours seemed better, and the first interview left us with hope in the possibility of a promising job. We are still praying and trusting that God will provide a good job that allows Alberto to focus primarily on the ministry. Matthew 6:33 has become a precious verse to us in the past weeks, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." We have been spending time together in prayer and in counting our blessings, God has done so much for us in bringing us here and providing for us and we know He will continue to care for our needs. Also Praise the Lord, Alberto and Matt have been spending many hours at the church painting, I believe the plan is that all the painting will be finished today:) I can hardly wait to go see all their hard work, Pilar has also been able to help with some of the painting, but of course I can not. Next will be replacing the ceiling tiles, and many more things, but as work progresses I know we are all getting more excited for our first service there in the building. Remember you have one day left to vote for a boy name, although we arent necessarily any closer to actually deciding on one. We have figured out that I like names that are more unique where as Alberto would not mind at all for our son to be the "8th Manuel" in his class:) Good thing we have time still.


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

You guys are great! we love you!!!!
By the way, I still think Sergio is the best, and Nate likes Sergio too, but I can't vote twice... So you can add it in your mind. Sergio wins!

Ingi said...

You could always name him after his daddy! or maybe a name that works in both Englis and Spanish like David, Daniel, Samuel, etc. We'll continue praying that Alberto gets a job soon!

Ashley said...

Ok, mrs staples- you can not vote twice you and nate are one flesh, so sorry:) I have a simple problem with Sergio, I love it in Spanish, but when it is pronounced Surgyo, it sounds like a surge of electricity, or a power problem, now of course I realize, it is just a name and americans can learn to pronounce it, but do I want to start my child off in that direction??? Half of his family will take weeks/years to learn to properly pronounce that:( for example you have had problems with your name being mispronounced me too!!!! that is because you and I are living in countries we are not from, that is totally different, although Lord willing my son will grow up here in Spain, as his parents have two different countries so will he. He is Spanish and American, I am american I can expect nothing more than for my name to be ocassionally slaughtered, but our son is being born with us having the knowledge that there is a strong possibilty of his choice to live life being in either place.Am I being too intense in this name search????? Maybe if I chill and stop thinking about it we could actually find THE NAME:0
Mrs ingram- is the world seriously ready for another little Alberto? hahaha!Davd, and Samuel are both names we have tossed around.
SHOULD NAMING A CHILD BE THIS COMPLICATED??? (perhaps that will be our next survey:)

Pilar Stark said...

All I can say is hahahhahahahhaha you are tooooo funny

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

Ashley, why did you give us the option to vote for Sergio if you don't like it? I wonder.... hehehe Ashley relax, you have plenty of time. My parents decided my name the day I was born. Actually my brother did and they accepted it, lol