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Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby Things

HHHuuurrrayyy things for the baby! We went shopping now that we know we are having a boy!
Thank you Matt, Pilar, and girls:)

These are the adorable things we bought in Zara:) The shoes are seriously the size of the palm of my hand!!!


The Clanton Family said...

nenuco I love nenuco (baby cologne) it smells so good and fresh I still have a bottle of all the bottles paqui brought me every time somebdy would go to spain.Zeke uses it all the time well lets be honest sometimes i use it my self.

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

How cute those shoes! I love them!

jefe40472 said...

How fun...shopping for baby clothes! Congratulations!! I think boys are great = )

Deanna said...

ok, that last post was from me, not Jeff! jeje

The Cook Family said...

me too! Nenuco keeps the ladies in the nursery happy to smell my child. It covers up a stinky diaper too!jaja
Erica Bryant brought some back for me when the teens went to see the Starks. I need some more if anyone is going that way!!!