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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thank You Everyone

Well I am officially 23! (Am I getting old????) Thank you so much, to everyone who called, left comments on the blog, sent emails, e-cards, and wished me a Happy Birthday! I did have a wonderful birthday, I recieved a curling iron (yes, I have used it:), a shirt, a necklace, earrings, bracelet, and money! We also had strawberry cake which was delicious, lets see if I go in a minute and eat one of the pieces that was left over! YUM! I did want party hats, but well I guess after a certain age, you arent supposed to do those things, unless its for your kids; so in a little bit when we have our baby, I will have a reason to occasionally act like a child:) Either way it was a good day, my sweet husband took me to lunch at a very nice Italian restaurant, and boy was our food delicious!!!! Also later that evening my love took me to get some candy:) which we shared (aaawww)! For those of you who remember my love for playing in the rain it actually did rain here on my birthday (the first big rain in our time here.) but the temp dropped and it was windy and chilly; needless to say I did not get to play in the rain, especially because I am now a responsible adult. But I did think about how much I would have enjoyed it had it not been cold, another thing that I will have to wait to do with my child:) Also on my birthday I got to get up early and go to Brico Depot (Home depot- Spanish style) what more could a girl want? The great news is Alberto and Matt have been able to begin work on the building for the church, what an answer to prayer! Of course as always, little problems come up, but we are truly praising God for what He has given us and the doors He has opened. Tommorrow, we go to the Doctor, please pray all goes well and we can find out if it is a boy or girl!!!!!:) Thank you again for everyone who helped make my birthday special!


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

You're too funny! lol Dont foget to write tomorrow as soon as you get out of the doctor. Very important!!!

Pilar Stark said...

AAwww, I would have bought bday hats for you if you would have told me.... The girls would have love it and.... let's face it, I would have enjoyed it too ;)