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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dr. Visit

Well I went today to the dr. Actually we went yesterday too, because somehow we got confused and thought that Monday was the 23rd. (obviously we were wrong:) So we went today when my appointment REALLY was. They said everything was fine. measured the uterus and all that. Listened to the baby's heartbeat, everything is going well. I have to go tomorrow morning early for a glucose test and some other labs. We are praying that those tests will go just fine. After we spend the morning having a blast at the doctors, we are heading up to Madrid for a couple of days. Our plans are to be there until Saturday. Hopefully we may be able to be a blessing as we attend church there, and also maybe go to a Real Madrid practice or something cool:)


The Contreras Family said...

Oooo Dr. Visits! I think we also went to one or two on the wrong day. Must be a parent thing. jeje. So glad everything is going good. We prayed for you all this evening. (Actually the ladies during prayer meeting and more specifically, Hermana Edith, Rosa´s sister the Bolivians) ;) To be specific. And I prayed in my heart testifying the same as she prayed. Un Abrazo, Daniela