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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Days In Madrid

We are back here in Granada, after almost a week in Madrid. We had a wonderful and very busy time. It is always a challenge when we go to be able to spend as much time with friends and family as what we would like to. God had some wonderful blessings waiting for us there. Carol (Alberto's cousin) passed two boxes of newborn clothes to us-and they are soooo cute (she has good taste:);as well as a bag of my favorite ......BABY SHOES! A friend of Alberto's family also gave us a bag of cute baby clothes, they are actually for about 6-9month old. Alberto's Uncle had a stroller/car seat that is very nice which we are also going to be able to use; so we came back with a trunk full of things for the little one. Praise the Lord when our son geets here, he will already have a very full closet, for practically the first year:) We kept a busy schedule, spending time with Alberto's family -they are all very hospitable and we stay well fed! , also spending time with several Christian families there in Madrid:) We went to several services at El Faro, the church that Alberto's family was reached out of, God is blessing and the church continues strong in God's Word. Alberto played the piano for the services, which everyone really enjoyed as they have been without a pianist. Pastor Alejandro and his wife Fina invited us to Sunday lunch, and were a great blessing to us. We also spent several evenings in Marco and Veronica's house enjoying the fellowship (and food:). Please continue to pray for the church here in Granada, Matt and Pilar got alot of things done while we were gone, and we are all looking forward to being able to have our first official service in the building. Also please continue to keep Alberto's job situation in your prayers. Sadly we took almost no pictures, but I will see if there are one or two I can post from our time there in Madrid.


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

I wanna know more about the trip to Madrid!!!!

Emili said...

I wish I could go! Do you have a date set for your first service yet?

Ashley said...

what sould you like to know???? we ran all over everyday like crazy people spending time with everybody. picked marcitos up from the airport and also got to spend time with his family, veronica is a good cook:) I ate everything unhealthy that I wanted - trenzas y napolitanas, yum yum. and if you cared since your not a big shopper, we did go to Plaza Norte and to two different Factorys. yes... Zara dear:) and starbucks 5 times...enjoy starbucks in the states dear because aside from in madrid where there are tons... we miss it hear:)anyway we bought very little because I am huge and everything is expensive:) tell me what else you want to know and I will tell :)

Ashley said...

would love to see you.:) the date for the first big promoted service is dec 7th. which will give us about 6 wks. once we get the invitations in to hand them out and promote it big time:) and yes by then I will be about ready to explode

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

I know, and they dont have all the good capuccinos we have here... I still love Madrid! Hey, I'm going to Zara so Im not jealous! they have one in Atlanta now and we're picking our friends from the airport! wohoooo! hows my family? my nephew, niece, sibblings? you went to Plaza Norte? I love that place! what about Xanadu? what did Veronica make?

Ashley said...

hurray for getting to go to Zara, but dont be disappointed it is not the same in the States as it is here. we also went to Plenilunio, but not really to shop just to grab some starbucks. we have not been to xanadu yet, but hopefully soon. veronica cooked everything..pizza, completos...yum
your family is good, didnt really get to see your mom-she got sick, and carol is good, Aitor was having kinda a rough as was carol actually they had spent all morning in the dr. office:( Not much else, we go back next week for francisco's wedding....what am I going to wear????:)