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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Mission Field

We have been here in Spain for several months, and God is blessing and providing for us. The Lord allowed us( mostly ME as Alberto is from here:) to adjust to everything with seemingly no culture shock. But I have been quite surprised by things spiritually. We have handed out tracks and talked to people who seem to have never thought about eternity, nor do they care to think about it. It is more pressing on our hearts everyday the great need for the Holy Spirit's working here in the hearts of people. We can do all we can, but God must open their eyes if they are to ever have any hope for eternity. The other thing I have noticed that appears to be a danger is that sometimes we become accustomed to being surrounded by lost souls (not just here this happens in the States and everywhere I am sure) that sometimes we dont think of them as the souls so greatly in need of the Lord that they truly are. How many people a day do we walk by that have never heard the gospel? how long do they have to hear? are we doing what we can? Please pray for us in the work here, that God would fill us and open doors, and increase our burden for the souls, that we would see the lost as God does, and value their souls as he does to have sent His Son not only for our sins, but also for theirs. Do you believe that hell is real? I do, we must do more to warn people and share God's salvation.


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

We are praying for you guys! we can't wait to go to Spain! our burden increases every day...