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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well we went early Monday morning (about 7:30) to finish up the paperwork for my Spanish residency. I had recieved a letter stating it was approved, but we had to bring in the remainder of the paperwork. When we arrived there were approximately 80-100 people there already waiting in a super long line. Alberto went to talk to one of the police officers (all of it is actually done at the police station), apparently a large majority of the people arrive around 4am. Alberto explained to him that it was my paperwork and being 7+months pregnant it is not a good idea for me to be waiting in a line for 5 and 1/2 hrs. The officer told him to come back that afternoon around 3 and they would let us in. We went back, but sadly the officer on duty wanted nothing to do with us or helping us, he said it was too bad they had told us that in the morning, cause we were not getting in. It looks like Alberto is going to have to go one day this week at 4am, and exhaust himself waiting in some crazy line, and I will go closer to 9 when they actually open. Please pray that God would possibly provide a different solution for us. We sent an email to see if there is no possible way to make an appointment or anything, but have not heard anything back yet. If not, pray for my wonderful sweet husband that God will bless Him. The good news is that once we accomplish this, it should all be taken care of:) Praise the Lord!!!