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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just Ducky

So here is the story of our return trip from Madrid. We were planning to travel back to Granada on Saturday afternoon at about 3pm so we could arrive around 8pm. We picked up a stroller and some stuff for the baby from Alberto's Uncle, and got everything loaded and ready to go, it was already 5pm. Leaving at that time we would arrive about 10pm, which would put most of our trip in the dark, and it was supposed to rain and storm. We decided to leave early Sunday morning to make it to Granada for the church sevices, but...Alberto ended up sick and vomiting Saturday night. We went to church in Madrid, God blessed and Alberto got feeling better, so we decided to leave Monday.... and we did! We headed out from Madrid around 10am. The trip was going well, everything fine except we were both a little tired. We were about 80km from Granada, headed uphill and rapidly loosing speed...the car stopped. Now it would start up, but not go any where hardly at all. As we are trying to decide whether to try to make it to the next exit, we prayed God would help us make it to the next exit and help us. So we try...not working! And guess who pulls up behind us??? the police. They get out and ask what we are doing and why we don't have our triangle out, (orange safety traingle you put behind the car to warn other drivers) the police offered to call us a tow truck and told Alberto to get out and find the triangle and set it up, he apologized for not having it out, and told them he hadnt been here very long and had a US drivers license. Somehow from that they assumed he was a tourist and were very helpful, even though they could have written us a ticket. We got everything taken care of and waited about 30 min. for the tow truck. Now I know this is a long story but it continues....the tow truck driver got the car up, we got in the tow truck, and he called the insurance (as we have roadside assistance) he was driving his big truck, talking on the phone and rubbing his eyes, was a little nerve wracking:) He took us to his shop in the middle of nowhere, and told us the insurance was getting us a taxi and would call Alberto. We sat on a bench outside until the taxi arrived. I had never ridden in a taxi, I am a country Alabama girl:) But this was not a normal taxi...it was a nice black Mercedes with two young guys, yet it was our taxi. The young guy drove us what is usually a fourty-five minute distance in about 25 min. He was going approximately 100km over the speed limit:) Another nail-biting ride. God protected us in everything, praise His name. One of the first things I thought was Praise the Lord He did not allow for us to leave on Saturday night and break down in the middle of the cold dark rain! Also as we have roadside assistance with the insurance, they are supposed to pay for all the transportation, for the car and us. "Ducky" (I named the car shortly after Alberto's Gpa gave it to us) arrived the following day on the tow truck, we are looking into how much it will cost us to get it fixed. Another blessing from the Lord is that Alberto can at least drive it to the mechanic to get it fixed (as long as it's not uphill:) It seems like it is the clutch, I will post about it once we figure out what we're going to do. Thank you for those who keep us in your prayers, we felt God's working that day. Here is a picture of the garage in the middle of nowhere...(reminded me of good old AL:)



Nate and Arancha Photography said...

I'm sorry about that guys!!! what a trip! at least you guys met Casillas :) although he plays for Real Madrid..hehe We want to see more pics!