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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Children's Bible Club!!! ...needing ideas

It has been a while since I posted anything so I am trying t catch up. These are pictures from our last childrens club. We had 10 kids, 3 were visitors. and we had a GREAT time!!! Alberto teaching the Bible story, on Naman and the little servant girl. "Let no man despise thy youth"

We played water games outside...it was hilarious!!! so far we have been very creative with the games and I think this is probably the kids favorite part! Here we are playing a game where they had to pick ice out of the pool with their feet and put the cubes in the bucket...BBBRRR how very refreshing :)

Our other water game, here they had to scoop water out of the bucket with the cup in their mouth carry it down to a jar and dump as much as they can in it, the whole time without touching the cup with their hands.

A classic...water balloon toss. We have another activity in about two weeks, and I am looking for suggestions on some fun games...PLEASE help me out:)


Pilar said...

You guys have done such a great job!!!