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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I changed my blogger layout and somehow, my post disappeared.... How does that happen??? oh well... enjoy the pics, and later I will post again about what a blessing the study of James we are doing has been......AAAWWW STINK!


Ashley said...

Where are ny posts going??? why are there no words???

Pilar Stark said...

What happend to your blog? I had a few problems with mine every now and then but nothing like this. usually I had selected something without realizing it.
It may be the change of layout, i would try something different if I was you. I found a new place where you can get layouts www.splitdecisionz.com . You can also try the lady that did mine.Check http://missionfielddesigns.com/
I really think is the layout that throw everything else off.... my humble opinion

Favianna said...

Hola Ashley, lo que ha pasado es que tu texto esta en blanco igual que el fondo que tienes, es por eso que no lo ves, pero si lo selecciones lo puedes ver, tienes que entrar a las propiedades de tu blog, en fondos y cambiar el color de tu texto :D