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Friday, February 20, 2009

how's life?

We are doing well.... loving life as new...ish parents, trying to find time for everything! God has blessed us with a beautiful healthy boy, actually he is having some trouble with reflux for those who wouldn't mind praying for him. God is blessing in the church in Alcala, the pastor is in the States on deputation and we are helping carry some of the responsibility.Staying very involved and active in the church as well astrying to get some new things going... We are going to be starting a children's Bible club on Sat. March 14th! I'll try to keep up posting a little bit better:)


Dani Joy said...

Hi Ashley! Thanks for stopping by! :) so to speak. IT´s so refeshing to see you with your baby. I loved those moments and now I think I cherish them even more. Our stage of life is very emotional and people say it´s going to even get more so. Give Serigo a squeeze for me. Wish I could hold him and smell his hair.. ok that´s quirky but I just love how babies smell!