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Thursday, February 12, 2009


we have not disappeared:) sorry about the lack of posts on this almost abandoned blog... here are a couple pics of the precious gift from God that is currently consuming most of our time, and we couldnt be happier !!! Sergio is so sweet and special:)


Ingi said...

He's a cutie and definitely looks like a keeper! Enjoy!

Dani Joy said...

OH I was wondering when you would post pics on your blog. jejeje. I totally understand how the delay would be possible. ;) I am so glad that you are enjoying being a Mommy. What is your over all biggest feeling right now? How is he sleeping, eating? Did you get Baby wise?

Dani Joy said...

He is beautiful!

Ashley said...

yeah I keep my facebook pretty updated, but well the blog is somewhat abandoned! To answer your question, my biggest feeling right now is thankfulness...when alberto and I decided to leave it in God's hands when to give us children we did not expect it so soon:) I look back to the day we found out I was pregnant and the feeling of being completely overwhelmed, and now although every once in awhile the needs and responsibility of being a new parent can be overwhelming I find myself thanking God so much for the precious life he has entrusted to our care:)