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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A BOY????????? or a girl?

Ok so I have to admit to not being soooooo patient... I have been checking out all the old wives tales and little gender prediction quizzes on the internet. You know... they ask you all those little questions...are you carrying low??? do you crave sweets??? is your rear end bigger???(aaaahhh I hope not!) etc.... anyway after some time in this type of foolishness I have to say that surprisingly most of the questionares say it will be a boy... ofcourse they give this ridiculous percentage all of them say there is like a 50-55% chance it is a boy so how reliable is that???? but quess we will have to just keep waiting:) I am still hoping for a girl, especially since recently we have reached a slight dilemma with the boy names...I am still liking Raul, but Alberto is starting to prefer a couple other names (aren't I supposed to be the wishy-washy one???:) All the more reason for it to be a girl, she still has a name (hahahaha!) Please keep us and baby in your prayers!


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

My mom thinks it's going to be a boy too... how do people know? Ashley I cant wait to knooooow it!!!!

The Clanton Family said...

hey girl how funny i used to do this before i knew what it was.it come out that it was going to be a boy so.i went to www.fortunebaby.com and do the chinese predictor.anyways i cant believe zeke is 2 either it seems like he was just born.Thanks we are so excited about our new baby on the way.well let me know what it is ok.