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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Children's Bible Club

Ok so I believe I asked everyone to pray for this it was on the 14th of March, so I wanted to update on how it went. Sorry the pics are backwards from the actual order but whatever!

This is everyone having snack right before we left....YUM

We played the doughnut game....you know try to eat the donut off the string before it falls off without touching it with your hands:)

We also played a balloon game. you tie a balloon around your ankle and try to step on and pop everyone elses. there were two teams but and uneven number so I convinced Alberto to join the game. He ended up winning after going one on one with a ten yr old...it was quite funny and great exercise:)

Here is the other game we played ...Bible verse puzzles it was great cause they didnt actually know the verses so they really had to think!

And here Alberto is teaching. Our theme was obedience (to God and parents). He taught about Jonah and his disobedience and the consequences of it. We had seven children and they all seemed to have a blast:) This is going to be a monthly activity we will be having our next one the 11th of April, we would greatly appreciate prayers!!!!:)


Ingi said...

Way to go! Looks like you had a blast!

Emili said...

I love the donut game! I'm so going to have to use that one some day!! I'm glad Bible Club went well!
I'm praying for you guys!!