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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am different now

I just now realized how much I have been influenced by Spanish culture since being here. I do several things in a more spainsh style. Like....ironing! In the States you wash dry and hang the clothes in the closet and iron before you put them on. here, you wash, dry, iron and then hang up the clothes. Both ways have advantages American way you save yourself from staring at the Mt. of clothes to be ironed and avoiding it, but it takes longer to get ready when you go somewhere cause first you must iron...Spanish way you must at one point dedicate yourself to 2hrs worth of ironing, but everytime you get dressed you grab out of the closet nice crisp clothes and are ready to go. Either way I now tackle mts of ironing about twice a week, and my husband and I enjoy always having freshly pressed clothes handy. Also the way we eat...meals here are usually done in courses....a soup or something first then a meat, etc, and dessert. We usually eat that way now. A soup or salad first. And dessert is usually only fruit or yogurt, but anyway. There are also some things in Spanish culture we have chosen not to do...we laughed the other day at the store realizing we are probably the only people who do not buy bread with every meal. In most Spanish household there is daily a loaf of bread to accompany whatever it is you are eating, in our house hold we eat bread at a meal possibly once a week. Another Spanish culture thing I enjoy is walking...what a blessing to be able to take care of most errands on foot....Sergio loves it too cause he gets to chill in his stroller!


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

See? the american way of ironing is what I do now! lol but I miss those daily fresh loaves of bread, all warm and soft and yummy....and I miss walking to the stores and enjoying a nice day outside walking in the city or town or wherever you live... I'm glad you get to enjoy it! I can't believe you are adopting the Spanish cloth ironing style! hehe

Laura said...

Ashley, my mom has always ironed the Spanish way. And I didn't even know it was Spanish! It's nice that you have adapted so well. Take care!

Pilar Stark said...

Hey girl! Enjoy the fun! You have been tagged :) For the rules, come over my blog.
Kiss little Sergio from aunt pilar please. Love ya guys!