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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Father's Day and Sergio

ok....so Father's Day was last Thursday...(I think, it was last week anyway:).It was Alberto's very first ever so I wanted to do something special, but with limited funds etc .... So I ended going for the traditional daycareish art project:) Hand prints and footprints with a poem. Now after years of childcare experience and thousands of handprints you wouldnt think it would be so hard, at least I didnt. But it was!!! I had never done such a project with such a small child. Feet truly were easy but for the hands....we had blue paint everywhere!!! literally, he kept closing his fists , trying to put his hands in his mouth ...I can not begin to describe the disaster it was and the great mess we made, but our result was fantastic:)!!! By the way he had to get a bath afterwards to get the blue paint off!!!

Our art project....we are VERY proud:)

I know this post has nothing to do with mommy, and I am only half in the pic since I took it myself but I wanted to post it since Sergio is looking right at the camera:)

Our little gentleman...he LOVES to sit in the corner of the couch and watch everything.(Anyone wanta quess who sent him the bib?)

"I dont want to get up yet!!!!"

How cute is he???
In other news...I am super excited because my mom is coming next week!!!!! She gets here on Tuesday! Hurray!!!


The Clanton Family said...

how excited you get to spend time with you mom..btw you at work looks wonderful very good Idea.FoR SURE the bib paqui did not sent it right??

The Clanton Family said...

sorry i misspelled your artwork...again you did a great job

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

that was so sweet! cuuuuuute! dont ever throw that away!!!! your turtle is really struggling... I forgot to remind Crystal about it... Now I feel guilty, for real