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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When the light comes on...

You now....the little light bulb in your head....you finally get it:)???? ok, so thank you everyone who prayed for our prayer meeting and visitation Saturday, I have been meaning to post...but... anyway. We had a good turn out - Alberto and I got up early cooked about two dzn. eggs, hashbrown casserole, bacon...American breakfast:) There were about 9 of us who attended. After breakfast we settled in for a time of prayer. Asking God to bless our time of visitation and stir up revival in our hearts, the church, and Spain. Recently all of the faithful members in the church have lost their jobs, NO I am not exaggerating there are two men in the church who are still employed and they come pretty faithfully but are not members. So people have been looking more to the Lord as times are geting hard. Anyway, as we started to pray the presence of the Lord was evident... The Lord softened hearts and met with us. And God worked in my heart and the light came on...I can not be a good wife and mother without the Lords help. Things have been busy trying to get used to getting everything done...clean the house, feed Sergio, do laundry, feed Sergio, cook, Sergio....you get the idea, and If you noticed in that list I have been putting God out of His first proirity. But the simple realization I had is I will be a failure at my daily tasks and as a wife and mother and missionary if I am not close to God. So, I am back to one of my favorite verses..."Search me O God and know my heart, try me and know my thoughts, and see if there be any wicked way in me, lead me in the way everlasting." and also "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." To continue updating about the church, we went out and covered alot, many people recieved invitations and gospel tracts. We are still praying for new people... knowing that with God all things are possible.


Pilar Stark said...

When new things happen in our lives like new ministry or new baby, sometimes it takes us a while to get settle and to a proper schedule. But the important part is to have a heart willing to admit where we are failing and fix it just like you did. I don't know why,as important as God is in our lives, sometimes it is the last thing in our priority list.Hang in there girl, you are doing great.
I heard your mom is coming to Spain.I bet you are super excited!.. and the other grandma jelous :).. poor Paqui

Dani Joy said...

Amen! Praise the Lord! It is a daily battle too for me. God knows our hearts and I must not be just satisfied with "crumbs under the table". ya know what I mean?
Well, We will pray for you.
Pray for us as we are on the brink of something big! We feel the Lord stiring our hearts in a big way!

Jill said...

There's so much truth in that! We can't even breathe without Him. Why do we think we can live our lives without Him?