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Friday, November 28, 2008

Day after Thanksgiving Sales!

And even though I have done like three posts in the past half hour I have to mention this one. Although I understand my size, would have been a hindrance anyway this yr. ; My mom and I have always gone shopping this Friday! So today I find myself missing my mom a little extra:) In the states Christmas season officially starts after Thanksgiving! Mom and I would go out somewhere between 4 and 5 am to get started. We would plan things, but somehow we still never ended up purchasing very much. It was always great just to be able to spend that time together and get in the Christmas spirit! Some people are rude and hurried others still take a minute to help those around them or be curteous. (last yr we had a nice young man volunteer to carry the tree to the car for us - not an employee:) either way usually our adventure would end by 10am or so as the Spanish Conference takes place that same weekend, we often ended our journeys at Chickfila for breakfast. Whatever you do to enjoy this day and the holiday season, be sure not to take it for granted. Now as things have changed I not only look back fondly on those memories, but look forward to new traditions and experiences, not only with MY mom, but soon also as a mom. Hope you all have a blessed and safe holiday season. (Special blessings to all the moms out there!) Leave a comment and let me know of your day after Thanksgiving traditions, even if you always stay in bed all day to recuperate:)


Jill said...

You already read about my day after Thanksgiving on my blog, so I won't say it again here. I do understand how missing traditions can make you miss those close to you. I'm praying today is a special day for you anyway. And isn't your Mom coming to see you soon? Along with her grandson, that is?

Emili said...

Awww...Ashley, you're making me cry over here! I totally miss midnight Black Friday shopping with my mom! We stayed out all night last year! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm glad your dinner turned out well. Love ya, miss ya, can't wait to come visit!!

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

well, I never did that, but I always went shopping with my mom and sister for Christmas and we always put the Christmas tree up, and lots of things! And I understand you! I miss it too! But after 3 years, we're gonna be able to do it again for these Christmas!!! And your mom will be in Spain too! I can't believe it!

Ashley said...

Yes yes my mom is coming yyyuuuhhhuuu! and not just my mom, but my brother and mother and father in law and Jonathon and fran and rebekah, and Arancha and nate will be here, and I am super excited. We are just praying that Sergio gets here at the perfect time!too:) The more I look at the calendar I see what a super busy month it is going to be and think, and when in the world are we going to have time to have a baby? But that will happen when it needs to happen, no matter how busy we may be, I am just still hoping he arrives early.
Arancha - one yr you must go shopping the day after thanksgiving, it is crazy:)