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Monday, November 24, 2008

Update on our busy lives

I have not posted in a long time so lets see how briefly I can share what has been going on in our lives. We are settled in and staying super busy here in Madrid. In the past week or so we have seen God doing great things. With a day or two of running here and there and a great help from Alberto´s aunt and uncle we had my medical paperwork basically taken care of. So Dr.´s visits are being scheduled and Sergio is well taken care of:) My residency card will be sent here in a couple of weeks. And Alberto has had job interviews, one with the temp agency and a second interview with the actual company, for an administrative job using his English, we are praying for God´s will and waiting to hear back. We are having a great time being involved in La Iglesia Bautista El Faro here in Alcala. Alberto has preached several times plays the piano and next Sunday I will have the privilege of teaching the children`s Sunday School. (please pray for me I havent taught children in Spanish in a while:).We are enjoying being involved and praying to be a blessing to the church. Wow all that so far sounds like a big run-on sentence with periods stuck in here and there! We have spent time with Alberto´s family which is awesome. I am counting down days for My momma, brother, in-laws etc.....any one else want to sign up????? we are sooo excited to see friends and family from the states over these holidays!!! What else oh yeah I got to go to Xanadu...a mall with an indoor ski slope...COOL , and also to my first Real Madrid game which I will plan to post pictures of both things in a later post. And to top it all off among other things keeping us busy I am sleepy. My darling little man Sergio was taking aerobics or swimming lessons (his dad says practicing futbol...soccer ) or something last night and I didnt get much sleep, so a nap sounds irresistible. Thank you for prayers, please keep us in them.


Pilar Stark said...

Wow, count your many blessings girl!!! We are praying for you guys and are looking forward seeing God doing great things through you guys. Stay in touch, I don't think we have talked since you guys left. Besitos!!

Ashley said...

Hey good to hear from you. Enjoyin gthe time with your in-laws there? Quick question I saw on your blog that you all are doing Thanksgiving...where did you find a turkey, we havent really looked yet, but maybe we can save ourselves a little bit of time. Love and prayers. Tell everyone we said hi!

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

Ashley!!! I want pictures!!!! did you guys meet Lucia? I miss her! What else did you do? We are so excited to hear how much God is blessing you guys! we're praying for you guys!

Ashley said...

yes I met Lucia, she is hilarious. Javi and Lucia went skiing and we ate and shopped and well thats about it, but it was a ton of fun. Your niece and nephew are both so adorable. Hard to believe they are both almost 1, huh? Although Carol and Aitor didnt go with us to Xanadu they stopped by the other day. Thanks for the prayers, we will keep you in ours also.

Pilar Stark said...

Turkey in Corte Ingles. We order it to make sure they had some although they had several there, I am sure you won't have problems finding it.
Good I came back and checked.