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Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a Mighty God we serve!!!!!

It has been such an awesome couple of days!!! We have really seen God bless. The Andrews family came down from Madrid on Thursday night to help us get started passing out invitations to the first official service of the church which will be Dec. 7th. We began on Thurs. evening and it went pretty well, met some nice people....etc. Then Friday morning, everyone went out again and continued passing out invitations door-to-door. Although there some people werent home most people who were home seemed nice, even if they didnt want the invitation at all, no one was super rude. On Friday afternoon Alberto recieved a text message from someone who was looking for a church and asked him to get in contact with them. He called and it is a lady, who we are going to go have coffee with this afternoon. She seemed very nice and is planning to come to church tomorrow. we wanted to be able to meet her so she may feel a little more comfortable coming if she already "knows" someone. Pray for this time today that God will bless, and if she is not saved we will soon be able to share of her salvation. Awesome huh? but ...there is more. we went back out passing invitations on Friday night, even though it was cold and rainy. Praise God we did not allow the weather to stop us. The Lord had set up an appointment for us. In one of the buildings a very nice lady asked us in, and made us coffee. she then sat down with us and said ok, now tell me about your church. She is a traditional Catholic but is clearly not content and is searching for the truth. Alberto was able to share a clear presentation of the gospel with her several times during our almost two hour visit...(she had alot of questions) She did not recieve Christ at the moment, but the seed has been planted and she seemed very receptive, if she does not come to the church in the next week or two we will plan to visit her again. We are praying for her salvation, she was at the point where she was "almost persuaded". We are praising the Lord for His goodness and praying he will continue to work here in Granada...softening people's hearts and opening doors. Aside from all that is was a blessing that the Andrews were so willing to help out....praise the Lord for His servants.


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

that´s so great!!!! praise God!

Ingi said...

Wow! Pretty awesome!!!