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Sunday, November 16, 2008

HOLA, from Madrid!

So hello! Here we are in Madrid. We have been here for three days and God has been blessing. Alberto went to a 24hr. prayer conference at the church here in Alcala, he had a great time and God spoke to his heart. Church services were a blessing, Alberto preached both the morning and evening services and he and I also sang. We are going to be staying here in Madrid for awhile. We spent much time in prayer while in Granada for the Lord to provide a job for Alberto. Now this may not seem like a such a big deal, but since the Lord called us here to live by faith, and trust God to provide a job to support our family; the fact that after four months he still hadnt heard from any decent job was a cause of concern for us. We prayed for the Lord´s will in our lives. That week Alberto recieved a phone call from a pastor here in Madrid needing someone to help in the church while they go temporarily to the States. We spent several days in prayer for this specific situation and also got counsel. God gave us peace that this is His perfect will for our lives right now. So we will be here in Madrid at least until they return in June. The sad news is of course that we are no longer participating in the exciting work there in Granada. We will miss the Stark family so much...they were a blessing to us and God used them to help us learn many things. (love you guys). The good news is Alberto has an interview tomorrow, please pray for a good job for him. We are praising the Lord for how He works in our lives, even when our plans are not His plans. Also we are planning to do thanksgiving for some of Alberto´s family this week..please leave me a comment of the most traditional american thanksgiving food that you think no thanksgiving celebration should be without.... (recipes are not a horrible idea either...as I have never actually cooked for Thanksgiving by myself)


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

sweet potatos casserole!!! Im so glad to hear that! We're very happy for you guys! cant wait to hear more!

The Clanton Family said...

am glad you guys are doing fine.we will continue to pray for your work and the baby.
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Jill said...

I'll be praying for you and the work in Madrid. Hope Alberto finds a job soon. Does this mean you have to change doctors?