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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well it is Thanksgiving Day, so of course we should be sure to be thankful! I could probably write a post forever long of the things for which Alberto and I are thankful for. . . but the turkey is cooking:) Of course I am super thankful for Alberto-we were talking the other day about how quickly time goes by, we have been married over a yr. already! WOW. God has blessed me with such a good godly man who is also my best friend. We are thankful for our son...who will hopefully be here soon, but the Lord has worked everything out perfectly even with our moves for medical care, and so far basically I have had a very enjoyable pregnancy. We are anticipating the day Sergio will arrive! God has been working so much in our lives in the months that we have been here in Spain, we have learned so much and hopefully will continue learning; of course learning is not always easy sometimes you learn from others, God's Word, your mistakes...many ways! Also personally I am super thankful for Alberto's family here, not that I do not miss my own I do (praise the Lord for Vonage which enables us to talk to them OFTEN!), but they have all been so kind generous and loving that I dont think we have ever felt lonely, they have all been such a blessing especially to me, Alberto's always been part of the family, but getting to know them all well and spend time with them has allowed us to enjoy many wonderful moments we will remember forever. We thank the Lord for the time He allowed us to spend in Granada, and see God work there, and continue to pray God blesses the ministry, and the Stark family who were so hospitable to let us stay in there home for months. Also we are thankful for where God has brought us now, as we are working in the church here in Alcala, the sweet people who we have already come to love, and yet again for a place to stay with Alberto's Aunt and Uncle and family for now; and later some space for the three of us. I would lie to say that everything has been easy, but everything has been blessed experiences and God's peace and molding of our lives has been the best of all. Every need we have seen the Lord supply in one form or another. So today, and hopefully everyday we give thanks to Him for these things and so many more.