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Thursday, November 6, 2008

A name for our little guy.

OOPS! we did a survey months ago on name ideas, and never officially said what we are planning to name our son. I say oops, but it wasnt necessarily accidental. Now, I have been a relaxed, chilled, non-moody pregnant woman (REALLY!), but one thing I did have some indecisiveness over was the name...probably cause for the longest time I had myself convinced it was a girl.:) Anyway after much thought and prayer we have decided to name him Sergio!!!! This was after the comparison and elimination of many different names on the his and hers list of names I like. But for at least a month now we have been calling him Sergio and I have to say it really does seem to fit, he is an energetic little guy:) Anyway so everyone who voted for Sergio on our survey (which was the name that won:) your opinion has been valued and respected:)!
(Hopefully when we see his little face I dont have a mood swing and chage my mind...J/K)
I have been thinking about that alot lately...what will he look like??? I cant wait to find out. Will he have light colored hair like me? - hopefully Not! my hair was so white-blonde and thin when I was little that in all the pictures I looked bald until age 2:) Hahaha! Will he at least get my green eyes? What about his nose??? will it be more pointy like his daddy's or more squished?like mine? I dont know...I am sure he will grow up to be a handsome prince like his dad...but the waiting gives time to entertain a lot of thoughts. and more importantly prayers... Lord give us wisdom to raise this child!!! We are coounting down the weeks to meet our little Sergio.


The Clanton Family said...

i like sergio is he going to have middle name?well we be praying for you and the baby.

Dani Joy said...

Great name! It works both in English and Spanish. Oh, guess what? My boys only got my nose! jeje.. that´s what I say but I know better. They got all my bad character traits too. No really, it is amazing though how much they look like their daddy.
I wrote this response to your response on my blog.
Thanks Ashley! I am so thankful to have a wonderful husband who gave me a sick day today. jeje. He got the boys started on school and I am feeling a lot better this evening.
Oh I would love to see the snow on the Sierra Nevadas. Gonna have to go to the snow to go sledding at least once this Christmas.

Ashley said...

juanna- we are probably not going to do a middle name, it just seems to create more confusion.
thanks for the prayers we appreciate it!

The Cook Family said...

I love the name - and about wondering what he'll look like - I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed that Brandon didn't look very Korean - He was definitely cuter and chubbier than I expected though - My hair - daddy's eyes,chin,and lips.

The Clanton Family said...

yeah ok sergio is pretty thought.well we are wondering who eli will look alike but at least I know that zeke looks just like jeremi eexcept that he has my color of skin and hair.peopLE says that HE IS JEREMI IN SPANISH VERSION.LOL.